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Cinema na aldeia

In Comparison
Harun Farocki
2009 | 01:01:00 | Germany | Color | Stereo | 4:3 | 16mm film

Bricks are the resonating fundamentals of society. Bricks are layers of clay that sound like records, just simply too thick. Like records they appear in series, but every brick is slightly different – not just another brick in the wall. Bricks create spaces, organize social relations and store knowledge on social structures. They resonate in a way that tells us if they are good enough or not. Bricks form the fundamental sound of our societies, but we have not learned to listen to them.

Through different traditions of brick production, this film has our eyes and ears consider them in comparison - and not in competition, not as clash of cultures. Farocki shows us various brick production sites in their colours, movements and sounds. Brick burning, brick carrying, brick laying, bricks on bricks, no off-commentary. 20 inter-titles in 60 minutes tell us something about the temporality of working processes. The film shows us that certain production modes require their own duration and that cultures differentiate around the time of the brick.

Text by Ute Holl

Para ver o trailer, clique aqui.